Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Traditional summer

Flaming June is here again and once again it's raining. It reminded me of the above visuals I worked on last summer for an outdoor experiential marketing campaign. As the theme was a traditional English summer, they had the foresight to include Morris dancers handing out umbrellas and cagoules.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Brandenburg begins

Huzzah! Epic historical adventure 'Hats off to Brandenburg' has finally been launched with a cover provided by myself. It's now available in your traditional papery format or newfangled kindley format at purveyors of fine literature such as amazon.com (or indeed amazon.co.uk or amazon.whatever) and Barnes & Noble.

Those with keen eyes will notice the published cover differs from other versions that have appeared on this blog in that it now sports the legend 'The Roxy Compendium - Book One'. Yes, author Graham Thomas is a man with a plan, a grand scheme in fact, for as the amazon product description reveals the 'Roxy Compendium' is a George R. R. Martin dwarfing "sixteen part mythology charting the trials, tribulations and romances of 'The Roxy Playhouse Irregulars' as they fight, live and love in the early 19th Century".

The cover for book two is done and dusted, and publisher willing, I'll be able to share some of the work done for that soon. Until then purchase the first part of Mr Thomas' magnum opus and you will finally find out why there are a couple unwisely duelling atop a coach, what harlequin-boy hopes to catch in his butterfly net, and who the wine quaffing, blinged up, but slightly unkempt centre of attention truly is.