Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hats off to Brandenburg - A guided tour of the cover.

A closer look at the characters and events featured on the cover to Graham Thomas' Hats off to Brandenburg. Kicking off above with the main man (men?) Benjamin Ananas/Count Abraham von Brandenburg. The would be saviour of the Roxy Playhouse, he must delve deep into his tragic past to create a character who can restore the fortunes of the ailing theatre.

Archie Enfield - Benjamin's closest friend and the Roxy's resident lothario.

Desiree - The beautiful Perugian ballerina who discovers another talent in the field of swordplay, all in the service of the Roxy.

Gertie - The one time urchin, now ever ready with his butterfly net should wire walker Anya take a fall from the rafters.

Kemble - Disease ridden maniac, and recurring villain of the piece. This is what happens when bad actors turn really bad.

The Coach Duel - One of the novel's set piece action scenes, breathtaking feats of daring do on the cobbled streets of ye olde London town.

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