Tuesday, 19 August 2008

And now a tale...

Hasn't been much evidence of storyboarding round here for a while so here's some done using good old fashioned pencil and paper. Its the opening sequence from a darkly comic script by the residents of wormhotel.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Subtle Knife

A stab at designing an alternative cover for the second instalment in Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy. Detail above, whole shebang below.

Coldylocks and the three 'brrrrr's

" ... and this porridge was too cold"

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Cosmic Reaper

An image inspired by recent research from Belfast Professor Mike Baillie suggesting a link between the outbreak of the Black Death in the fourteenth century and the entry of comets into the earth's atmosphere.

Below is an earlier version with a different colour scheme (which seemed just too colourful to me), along with my initial idea sketches. All of the versions were based around this idea of the comet and its tail doubling as the scythe of the grim reaper.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Bad Moon Rising

A recent image based on one of the most memorable passages from the SF novella - 'The Atrocity Archive' by Charles Stross. I originally caught most of the story when it was serialised in Spectrum SF about seven years ago, before Stross became a major novelist in the genre.

The story has recently been published in paperback along with another story, under the title 'The Atrocity Archive' so I finally got to finish reading it. Its partially set in an alternate universe where the Nazi's win WWII with the help of demonic forces and go on to produce a monument to der Fuhrer that makes Mount Rushmore look a bit lacklustre.

On first reading this passage it seemed like the sort of thing that might have inspired the cover of a 40s Pulp magazine. So I thought I might try producing this cover that never was. In hindsight perhaps I should have made more of the pulp style in the execution. Below are the steps that got me to the final image.

Friday, 28 March 2008

The Eagle has Landed

The first of a few pieces I've been working on recently. This one is the sort of idea you get from reading alternative history SF but actually looks like some concept art for a live action depiction of Bugs and Daffy nemesis Marvin the Martian.

Next week - Elmer Fudd as played by Ed Harris

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Armoured Bear: Widescreen edition

Can't seem to stop tinkering with this image. Actually this landscape version (with added Northernlights and ominous arctic resarch centre) was finished pretty much straight after the portrait version I posted last autumn. I just felt my blog was getting a bit bear-centric at the time so held the image back. I've recently submitted it for consideration in Ballistic's Expose 6 book which is being published this year. As it may not make the final print of that I thought I'd let it roam free here. Oh - there's also a version with type and titles and barcodes and all that bookcoverish type stuff as my initial idea was to use it as a mock book cover project - which explains the vast areas of empty nothingness in the design.

Also trawling through internetland the other day I came across this Supergirl poster from 1984. I remember it being outside our local cinema when I was a kid and being quite impressed with it at the time. I haven't seen it again until now but looks like it might have had some influence - unlike the film itself.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Bald Boy

Very quick bit of doodling in Painter using scratchboard tool and chunky oil pastel.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

I'm Henery the Eighth I am (honest...and so is he)

A couple of versions of the same idea based on a Time magazine article from last year. The article pointed out the recent interest Hollywood seems to have with the Tudors and the history defying casting decisions of the studios when it came to Henry VIII - what with neither Jonathan Rhys Meyers ('The Tudors') or Eric Bana ('The Other Boleyn Girl') being all that rotund or ginger.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Last of the Broken Tokyo Ghosthunters

I forgot a few details regarding the storyboard competition in my last entry. First off you were only allowed to produce the illustrations using Corel Painter X (you could download a 30 day trial version), which was more than ok by me. The other condition was that the storyboards had to be based on one of three scripts by brilliant up and coming screenwriter Graham Thomas. Each screenplay tackled a different genre - film noir, science fiction, and, well something resembling Gilliamesque surrealism. One of the most difficult aspects of the competition was choosing which tale to tell - each had great things going on which were just crying out to be visualised.

I finally opted for the manga style sf script as its probably the genre I'm more familiar with. Below is the storyboarded opening scene of the script. If you want to find out how the whole thing turns out you can check out the script and the two alternatives at: