Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Web of Philip Reeve

World of Mortal Engines Artwork found at philipreeve.blogspot.com: Clockwise from top left - Mortal Engines cover by Leighton Johns (thats me!), US version of Fever Crumb cover by Sam Weber, Early design for Mr Shrike by Philip Reeve, Anna Fang by Alice Duke, Sample Graphic Novel Artwork by David Wyatt, London by Christian Bravery.

I came across Mortal Engines author Philip Reeve's blog recently. As well as finding news about the author's work, and visuals by official cover artists such as David Wyatt and Sam Weber I was more than a little surprised to find in a post titled 'Now That's What I Call a Cover!' my own version of of the first novel's jacket which I'd mocked up for my own amusement. Its pretty thrilling to get a thumbs up from the creator of a fantastical world you've spent hours exploring in your mind!
Mr Reeve, an accomplished illustrator in his own right, has been good enough to use his blog to promote the work of other artists and illustrators who've been inspired by his books. These include talents like Chris Goff, Alice Duke and Christian Bravery. So thanks to Philip for sharing his vision of a future earth with us and for sharing the various interpretations of his work (including my own) with the web.

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