Friday, 5 March 2010

Skulduggery Pleasant - The Singeing Deadtective

My take on the first of Derek Landy's horror, comedy, mystery children's books. Those uninitiated in the world of the titular undead wizard detective should take a look at the series' site. Here you can find out about the characters, read extracts, listen to a Q&A with the authour and also get a look at the original cool cover art by Tom Percival.

Below is my original Photoshop illustration (sans 'retro' fonts, creases and greases) and below that the original Casablanca poster I stole the whole layout off. Whats good for George Clooney is good for me .

Thanks to Carrie for her help with the retro type!

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Laura Jane said...


Followed you over here from your comment on my blog, you have some wonderful art. :) Thank you for the comment too, btw!

- Laura.