Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Dark Knight Revealed

Commissioner Gordon's Office, Night. Batman appears out of the shadows

The vigilante and the Police hatch a plan to tackle the threat of the Joker.

Gordon looks up. Batman has vanished.

There's a clumsy bang from underneath the table.

GORDON: What are you... what are you doing under the table?

BATMAN: (embarrassed) I umm . . I was going to wait for you to leave first, and then I was going to leave.

Gordon and the Police Officer look on as ...

The Dark Knight awkwardly fumbles around...

bumping his head several times and clattering into chairs as he crawls out from under the table.

He reaches the door and fumbles with the door knob.
GORDON: You have to turn the lock-

Batman opens the door and makes a clumsy exit, catching his cape in the door the first time.
GORDON: Let's just recruit more policemen.

No, not storyboards for the much anticipated sequel to The Dark Knight but some key frames accompanying a recent pitch to Funny or Die UK. I'd like to take credit for the idea but I just worked the pencil. The people who should take the credit for a great Dark Knight parody are those young writer/actor/comedy types Chris Hayward and Nat Saunders. Unfortunately they weren't able to take the credit either as FOD passed on this particular script having found something similar had just beaten them to it on this bit of the interweb. I'm sure you'll agree that Chris would have looked much better in that cowl (his rubber fetish being the only reason he came up with the sketch really!)

You can view some of Chris and Nat's sketches that did make it to FOD here. Also watch out for their epic FOD exclusive The Photocopier.

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