Thursday, 19 February 2009

Countryfile 2038

A follow up to the last post. Some storyboards for a section of Chris and Nat's sketch imagining the BBC's Countryfile and iconic host John Craven as they might appear in a post-apocalyptic 2038.

I think this was originally pitched for the BBC's Peter Serafinowicz show, but it never made it to our screens sadly. At least this leaves the door open for Mr Craven to play his own future self... who else could keep us up to date with the problems posed by mutant pigs and nuclear badgers?

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Bentos said...

Undeniably sexy though the guy is I'm a little bored of John Craven. Next time I come to this log I want an in-depth report on the Watchmen Premier and a look at your winning Storyboard.