Monday, 14 April 2008

Bad Moon Rising

A recent image based on one of the most memorable passages from the SF novella - 'The Atrocity Archive' by Charles Stross. I originally caught most of the story when it was serialised in Spectrum SF about seven years ago, before Stross became a major novelist in the genre.

The story has recently been published in paperback along with another story, under the title 'The Atrocity Archive' so I finally got to finish reading it. Its partially set in an alternate universe where the Nazi's win WWII with the help of demonic forces and go on to produce a monument to der Fuhrer that makes Mount Rushmore look a bit lacklustre.

On first reading this passage it seemed like the sort of thing that might have inspired the cover of a 40s Pulp magazine. So I thought I might try producing this cover that never was. In hindsight perhaps I should have made more of the pulp style in the execution. Below are the steps that got me to the final image.

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