Thursday, 13 March 2008

Armoured Bear: Widescreen edition

Can't seem to stop tinkering with this image. Actually this landscape version (with added Northernlights and ominous arctic resarch centre) was finished pretty much straight after the portrait version I posted last autumn. I just felt my blog was getting a bit bear-centric at the time so held the image back. I've recently submitted it for consideration in Ballistic's Expose 6 book which is being published this year. As it may not make the final print of that I thought I'd let it roam free here. Oh - there's also a version with type and titles and barcodes and all that bookcoverish type stuff as my initial idea was to use it as a mock book cover project - which explains the vast areas of empty nothingness in the design.

Also trawling through internetland the other day I came across this Supergirl poster from 1984. I remember it being outside our local cinema when I was a kid and being quite impressed with it at the time. I haven't seen it again until now but looks like it might have had some influence - unlike the film itself.

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Bentos said...

Reckon this is the best image I've seen you post here, really great stuff.

Compositionally I feel I just want to be a bit closer to them. I also think it might be worth attempting an alternative, slightly more abstract, less literal interpretation, just for shits and giggles.