Tuesday, 22 January 2008

"Nothing is written..."

Many moons ago, movie magazine Empire ran a competition where you had to choose a Brit flick and convince them in 100 that this was the greatest example of celluloid mastery that Blighty ever produced. I chose David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia, and then set about utterly failing to come up with anything coherent. The problem was words kept faling me and I kept wanting to storyboard the thing.

So I didn't get anywhere with the competition, but I did come away with the idea that it might be interesting to do a film review in a comic book format - which is something I hadn't seen before... and still haven't. Anyway here are the foundations to that lost project, some studies of Peter O'Toole in Bedouin attire using done with a bit of painter, a little bit of photoshop, and even some real live pencil!

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