Monday, 7 January 2008

The Main Man

For the main illustration, where our hero finally finds the treasure I wanted something very like the shots used for such scenes in the Indy films. Usually this meant a low angle shot of the hero, hands outstretched ready to grasp at the prize, with his obsessed face illuminated by an unearthly glow eminating from said prize (see below)

I wanted the character to retain the adventurer's garb with just the slightest hint of him being an artist/illustrator. He also had to be generically heroic looking - not Harrison Ford. This initial sketch was done using Painter's Square Chalk.

I went on to clean up this sketch, added a sepia background (close to what I had prepared for the 'map' background) and started working with values.

Again I almost like this unfinished version more than what I ended up with. It reminded me of Western posters of the 70s for films like 'High Plains Drifter' and 'The Missouri Breaks'. Once more though this had to be more about exploring what Painter could do so I kept to the script and started to integrate the character into the existing composition.

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