Tuesday, 29 January 2008

A Little Strange

To boost my confidence after my disappointment at the way my Modern Fairytale competition entry turned out I thought I'd post something that turned out fairly well. Its my submission for the CG society 'Strange Behaviour' challenge. I've posted a link to the competition site previously but here' s the finished image.

It was inspired by two 'characters'. Firstly Steve Ditko and Stan Lee's magical superhero 'Doctor Strange'. For those not familiar with the 'Master of the Mystic Arts' below is Kevin Nowlan's fantastic rendering of the character and below that a comic cover that bears an eerie resemblance to my effort (I didn't come across this til after I'd painted mine, honest!).

The other 'character' behind the image is my 4 year old nephew. Like lots of kids he's obsessed with dressing up and roleplaying superhero's, usually Spiderman or Superman. Everyone's used to this but what if he had a thing for dressing as a slightly darker character like Dr Strange - someone looking a little spooky and linked to black magic, and astral projection. Wouldn't this be considered real 'Strange' behaviour? Especially if he managed to gain some of his powers...

Well it's not perfect by any means and didn't win anything but it did get some favourable comments at the CG society and the Painter magazine site. Maybe if I had retained the landscape approach I used in my initial sketch below this would have helped. The aghast parents just bursting into the bedroom on the left helps define the main character as a child in fancy dress (and not a moustached goblin as might be supposed) and the greater area given to the room would allow us to present it more clearly as a child's bedroom. Despite this I'm fairly happy with the result Maybe I'm too easily pleased.


Bentos said...

Looks a bit like the character from MAD magazine. Intentional?

Leighton Johns said...

Not intentional but it seems I'm a natural born plagiarist.