Friday, 2 November 2007

Strange Behaviour

Just a link (Click on 'Strange Behaviour' above) to the recent Challenge I've entered at CG Society. The deadline for the competition has been extended to 12th Nov - so any suggestions anyone has for improvements I could make before then would be welcome. Thanks.


Paul said...

Hiya Leight,
Just had a quick look at your submission, all looks fantastic to me, if it helps, I think maybe the kids moustache could look more obviously fake, maybe a scribble with a black pencil/paint on the floor somewhere. I'm not sure at the moment if he's a little man or a kid (the parents in the earlier version helped establish this). Maybe his hair could be cuter to re-enforce this and the white in it could be talcum powder? Is the Xmas box a seasonal reference or part of the brief? I understand the dressing-up box, maybe there could be a stronger use of something Christmassy in his outfit or fake snow / glitter / tree decorations suspended around him / his fingers?

Please don't think this in any way as a criticism. I totally love the concept and as always your respectful and insightful references.

Keep up the good work my friend. Paul.

Leighton Johns said...

Thanks for your keen observations Paul. All good points. The Xmas box is left over from a point where I was going to give his cloak a gold tinsel trim - but I left this out as there was already lots of yellow/gold going on with the sash around his waist.Maybe I should put something else there in place of the box,its a better place for some of the books on Magic.

Making him look more like a kid has proved tricky. I think your idea about the hair and the moustache is right. Painting a 'fake' moustache is difficult, mostly it just looks like a badly painted real one. Ideally I think I'd go back to the original landscape composition with the parents bursting in, as this explains so much more, and gives a much better sense of the surroundings. We'll just have to see what time allows.

Thanks for your input and I hope all your projects are going well.